Friday, April 22, 2011


One of the most controversial and brutal movies, I have ever seen. The story is about the final 12 hours of Jesus. Mel Gibson wrote and directed this movie, it was then translated into Aramaic, Latin, and Hebrew. This film is very powerful the scenes that show what Jesus himself went through is heartbreaking. You shed a tear every time he gets whipped, its so powerful. The blood make-up was way over the top and unbelievable. The music in the film, makes every scene emotional and that much better. Now the movie itself was done and made very well, the shots were outstanding and the way Jim Caviezel portrayed Christ was amazing. I recommend this movie if you have not seen it yet. Is it controversial, yes it is. Is it a good movie, yes. Will you feel something after you watch it. You most certainly will.

The Passion of the Christ gets 10/10 stars

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