Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Great United States Citizen Bailout

So we still owe money. Lots of it. The country is facing a nasty debt that seems to have no end. Now, more than ever, the Obama clan has to come up with a crazy plan to turn things around in the remaining two years otherwise the Republicans will definitely have the upper hand when the next elections arrive. While Obama should not be fully to blame for the downfall of our economy, he hasn’t exactly brought anything to the table to help us out. We are still funding a war overseas that should have been over years ago, we are still sticking our noses elsewhere around the world before fixing our problems, and lastly that unfortunate health care bill just created more enemies than friends in the White House. But you know what I think? Its time for a bailout…but not of a company, but of people.

Think about it: Obama steps up to the podium and announces that the government paid all the credit card companies a set amount to cover their losses, but is being done for the greater good. Every legal United States citizen can wake up in the morning, without owing a single credit card company anything. As long as you don’t owe credit card companies a total of over $10,000 (which would mean you just went insane and probably should be leaning towards bankruptcy) all your debt has been eliminated. Everyone in terms of credit (not including car/house/college/big stuff loans) starts off at 0…all over again, almost like a new beginning. How awesome would that be?

Now why bailout all the fat cats in the big-arse companies in the auto and banking industries when the true backbone of America is the people? Don’t the people deserve a break after going through the toughest decade since the Great Depression? I am not saying we ALL are suffering, and I am also not saying that some of this mayhem isn’t our fault, but there are a lot of innocents suffering setbacks in these darker times. Now how great would it be to start 2011 with an opportunity to spend again, to save money again, to financially breathe a little easier. All this nation really needs is a small glimmer of hope, some light at the end of the tunnel, and this would definitely provide it.While this won't destroy all that we owe, it would definitely help a lot as we fight to keep our homes and possessions.

I can see the opponents to this radical idea. Of course, the credit card companies would hate this, and I’m sure some people would find fault in eliminating debt to everyone. Of course, there has to be limits, and this is where most will disagree. I think you must be a legal citizen, must not have any major felonies in recent years, must not be making over 500,000 a year, and you must be a Rays fan (kidding about one of these...). Meet those priorities, and you are all set. That vacation you wanted to take? Now you can start saving and hoping. All the debt that piled up while you were unemployed? It’s gone. And I think this bailout would lead to a happier nation, and one willing to spend again, willing to ramble on like in the 90s when Clinton was running the show.

Anybody else see this as a good idea? Anybody else see any potential major setbacks that I just don’t see? One argued that we will just be irresponsible again, but I say most of America deserves a second chance, and this crazy radical bailout could be the key. Anyone with me? Am I alone in this? Did anyone catch the Hot Fuzz reference?

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