Monday, December 13, 2010

This NFL season is making no sense whatsoever

See this:

We have the Dolphins winning only once at home, yet still be in the playoff hunt with a phenomenal 6-1 road record. We have the no-name offense Patriots nearly running toe to toe with the offensive numbers of their perfect season team years ago. And all the offense explosiveness happened after they got rid of Randy Moss. And they lost to the Browns. We have the Jets, who were just inches away from getting kicked out of the playoff race last year nearly on top of the division this year—only to lose to the Patriots and then lose to the Dolphins at home---while failing to score an offensive touchdown in either game. The Buffalo Bills have lost 3 overtime games---and could have had a 6-7 record if they had won them.

This NFL season is making no sense whatsoever.

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens are playing together, and their team has a 2-11 record. Last year the Bengals clinched their division. Um..yea. The Steelers were without Big Ben for four games (after being with him all of last year) and are on top of their division this year. A hall of famer has been with three teams this year, and has given each team losing records when he exists in the organization. Just what does Randy Moss do wrong? The Cleveland Browns upset the Saints, Patriots, Dolphins, and nearly toppled the Jets. Anyone noticing the deadliness of their schedule? And then they lose to the Bills. The Colts were inches from perfection until the upper management decided not to pursue history by resting the starters. They are also the defending AFC champs. Now, they are behind the Jaguars.

This NFL season is making no sense whatsoever.

The Jaguars...

The Kansas City Chiefs were last in their division last year, only to turn things around unexpectedly and suddenly become one of the top teams of the AFC. The freakin’ Raiders: 4-0 in their division, yet third in their division. The Dallas Cowboys clinched their division last year, then lose nearly every game this year and lose their starting quarterback---only to improve as a team after Romo disappears and their longtime coach gets canned. The Vikings were one interception away from entering the Super Bowl, and are now one of the punchlines of the NFL, with Brett Farve looking like utter crap. Two years ago Michael Vick was in jail, and now he is an MVP candidate while marching his Eagles into one of the top spots of the NFL. At the same time, the Lions have the same record as the Broncos and the defending divisional champion Cardinals, while being just one game behind the Cowboys. To add to that, two of their losses came because of referee calls. The Lions could have been 5-8.

This NFL season is making no sense whatsoever.

The Lions could have been 5-8, did you hear me!?!??

The Redskins have a hall of fame candidate at quarterback, only to be placed third in their division. The stinkin’ Bears are leading their division with a questionable quarterback. The Saints were without Reggie Bush for a while, yet manage a great 10-3 record—only to be second in their own division. First place? The 11-2 Falcons, whom had only 9 wins all of last year. The Bucs went from worst to first in their division, only to fall back to third place…ahead of the Carolina Panthers, whom had a .500 record in 2009 and now have a record worse than the Browns and the Lions.

The Cardinals are 4-9....and are only two games behind the division leader…which apparently is a tie between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams were a league-worst 1-15 last year and this year has a good shot at the division crown.

And Tim Tebow STILL is not a starter.

Need I say more?

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