Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watch The Walking Dead Episode 6 "TS-19" Finale Online

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Episode 6 airs on Sunday, December 5 at 10 PM. The finale episode of the net hit series of AMC TV channel concludes the season 1.

What do you think will be the happenings on this episode?

The Walking Dead Episode 6

Previously, the surprise attack of the walkers up on the hill made Rick and the rest to runaway from them. They headed on a place called CDC. They thought the place is just empty but noticed the security cameras still working. Then, in that part the episode 6 enters where they are allowed to enter the place. By there, they meet an unknown scientist working on how to cure the virus. However, things that they thinks are not yet over.

So, will you dare to Watch The Walking Dead Episode 6 TS-19? I am excited to witness the bloody and horrifying end of this series. Yeah! I love this series.

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