Friday, June 17, 2011


This superhero movie was horrible. Everything looked rushed and there is so much CGI its unbelievably bad. Characters were not developed properly and some characters made no sense. The love story was very bad in this movie, by far the worst i have ever seen. Now Hector Hammond for example, his character is rushed, nothing more or less and BAM that's it. As your watching the movie it feels rushed. The third act comes very quickly and that's it movie over. There is a post credit seen, but its not necessary at all. Why were Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett in this movie, they served no purpose at all. Now Blake Lively should stay on Gossip Girl, she is a terrible actress. Now as far as Ryan Reynolds he was himself as usual, the fun witty character you laugh at.

Green Lantern gets 2/10 stars

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