Monday, June 13, 2011

I Am Taking a Break

UPDATE: Well, I’m back, tan and fat and possibly still drunk on mojitos.

It’s a shame too I had lazier things to accompany myself with than monitoring my own blog, since I vanished just as an interesting debate was fomenting concerning what constitutes a film series, especially as regards characters with non-cinematic origins. (I have no simple answer to this question at the moment, and hope to utilize some upcoming movies – possibly Robert Downey’s second go-around as Sherlock Holmes – to explore the issue.)

Meanwhile, in light of those concerns, it seems by 3 to 2 that Conan just may be worth considering. Hell, when the “remake” (or latest adaptation) arrives in August, I’ll just go ahead and run through the Conans, genuine series or no. Gives me something to do between Spy Kids 4 and Final Destination 5.

And come tomorrow…regular updating resumes!

I am tired of sequels. It’s time for a vacation, time to go to the most exotic place that still counts as a domestic flight: Puerto Rico! I expect heat, humidity, and possibly a hurricane.

In the meanwhile, feel free to come over and steal my television. Alternately, I am open to series suggestions, to be squeezed in whenever this Summer of the Sequel allows.

Lastly, I have a dilemma. With a Conan the Barbarian remake coming up, I am on the fence about its eligibility as a series – that is, added to Schwarzenegger’s original Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, and the rather nebulous Red Sonja. Hell, let’s use this as an excuse to test out polling on the right. Go to town!

And I’ll see you all (so to speak) in a week or two.

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