Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SPEED (1994)

I love this movie, if you want action this is a movie to see. This is the THIRD movie i ever saw in theaters. (JURASSIC PARK being the first and SUPER MARIO BROS being the second). From the beginning of the film it kicks off. A bomber puts a bomb on a city bus and a cop must try and stop it. Dennis Hopper is brilliant as the villain. His wit and one liners and amazing dialogue makes this character great. Keanu Reeves is good in this movie, i can say its one of the movies where he doesn't do a bad job at all. Sandra Bullock as Annie Porter was the comic relief for the movie. All in All its a great action movie and Jan De Bont does an amazing job at camera work and directing.

Speed gets 9.5/10 stars

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